Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best Quote on the Job So far

My new job is an eye-opener. There is a whole weird of weird/wonderful animals and people doing odd things. I have been to petting zoos, zoos, aquariums, breeders and seen animals I have never heard of. I have questioned many things, like is there really a big demand for African porcipines and why does everyone have camels. But the best quote I have had so far was when I was staring at some small breed of monkey I had never heard of (and still can't remember their name) and the client told me "You should move your face back, they haven't had breakfast yet". Ahhh, the adventures continue.

Airplane travel

It's funny, two months ago, I was like most Americans, the occasional traveler. In fact, I was perfect to my new knickname- boring vanilla. I flew in planes every couple of years, mostly for a quick visit with friends. Starting this job, I feel like a jet setter. I have an entire wallet devoted to frequent flyer cards and hotel rewards cards. I have the security line at the airport down to a science (though I still need a better carry-on bag). In three weeks, I was in each continential time zone and visited 10 airports. The actual flights are so interesting. I usually end up next to sociable people. It't interesting to me how for a few hours you can develop a friendship with a complete stranger. You usually never say your names, but you know their careers, their family, where they live, and where they are going. When they find out I am a vet (either from asking me what I do, or peering over my shoulder as I try to hard to catch up on my JAVMA magazines) they usually launch into tails of all the animals they have owned since childhood. I recently seem to be sitting next to business men somehow related to the medical field. I had a good long talk with a man who sells CT machines and how he just came back from a vet clinic where he set one up for them. I have sat next to men who sell the science behind semen (and one of them seemed interested in a relationship with me (in his fifties)... he even emailed me later). I even helped a drug company saleswoman with her powerpoint presentation. All these people, who you trade snacks with and stories about your life. Yet a few hours later, you both say good bye and change planes, never to be involved in their life again.