Saturday, February 11, 2012

Special Family Conversations

A Cherry Family Conversation:
C= me; M= mom; D= dad

Phone rings
C: Hello
M: Oh good you are alive. We were worried; you usually call on Saturday. I thought you had been attacked by that elk.
(side note- I have an elk to visit for work)
C: Oh no, no elk attack this week. I tried to call but it kept telling me all circuits are busy on your phone.
M: How odd. Well talk to your father he was worried too.
C: Hey dad.
D: So what did you do last night? I was thinking maybe you hooked up with someone last night. I told your mom that, but she said you better not, because you don't have a significant other. I told her that is how you would get a significant other. So what did you do last night.
C: I sat on my couch and read Cat Fancy magazine.

Is it sad that my 70-something year old father imagines I have a better social life than I do? Should I be worried that my father thinks whoring myself out may be the only option I have left. And why the hell did I read cat fancy last night?

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