Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Dr. Quinn Broke My Feminist Heart

The other day my mother called me a flaming feminist liberal!  She also followed it up with a “you used to be such a sweet girl”.  (Apparently, I lost my sweetness when I “burned my bra”?)  I am not sure how she could find this surprising. My favorite cartoon was She-Ra Princess of Power.  When I got a little older, I became of a fan of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  She was a doctor when women weren’t in the profession.  She was bold, courageous, and scored a luscious-haired blonde man.   I appreciated Dr. Quinn because she taught me I could have it all- the trail-blazing career and the family.  She taught me to break through the glass ceiling, before I even knew what this was.  

Now I appreciate that Dr. Quinn is a fictional character and that Jane Seymour is not actually Dr. Quinn.  None the less, I feel hugely disappointed by Seymour/Quinn as of late.  It’s the holiday season, which means the airways are flooded with jewelry, luxury car, and lingerie commercials. Corporate America enjoys reminding me that nothing says the holidays like a woman in a push-up bra, rocking some diamonds, and driving a Lexus with the giant bow on the top.  Kay Jewelers (my arch holiday nemesis) has unveiled their latest commercials for Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Collection.  Now I am forced to watch my childhood hero show off diamond necklaces and remind me “Keep your heart open and love will find a way in”.  Really Jane, is it that simple?  Is that what I have been doing wrong for the past decade or more?  If I just opened my heart, someone would love me.  Wow it seems so simple.  How did I not know this? 

So yes, I feel betrayed by Dr. Quinn.  It’s like she forgot all the hardships she faced as a pioneer female doctor.  Now I am just being told to stand around with my heart open and soon I too will be getting jewelry from men.  Go ahead and sell out Dr. Quinn, but I am going back to work to cure Ebola and end world hunger.  Because maybe if I work to save the world, love will find a way in.

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  1. You are a deeply troubled person. Maybe you need to find God